Lonliness 寥寂

发布时间: 2020-02-21


大学生由于无法忍受孤傲而谈爱情已经是一个普遍的现象了,总之, nothing to do. That is to say, because theyhave no destinations in their life. They are lonely in soul. So I dontconsider I am a lonely person。

我应该称本身是一个孤傲的女孩吗? Nowadays, I have best friends on myroad to succeed. To a conclusion, there is no doubt that lonely in soul is reallonely. 在我看来,因为我有空想,its a common phenomenon that college students fall in love with others becausethey cannot stand loneliness. In my point of view,在我乐成的阶梯上我有最好的伴侣。

心灵上的孤傲才是真正的孤傲, should I call myself a lonelygirl? 你是如何界说寥寂的?我常常一小我私家。


为我们的空想而尽力, I believe that people with astrong will to finish something wont feel lonely. Many people feel lonely whenthey are boring,work hard for our dreams,www.80660000.com, we wont feel lonely. Ourdreams will accompany with us. 今朝,因为他们的人生是没有目标地的, because I have dreams, Inmy opinion,假如我们有许多工作做, if we have many things to do, live a meaningful life,我们的空想会伴随着我们, I think people who dont know what they want are lonely,他们在心灵上是孤傲的,我相信有坚定意志的人是不会感想孤傲的,那些不知道本身想要什么的人才会感想孤傲,。

Howdo you define loneliness? I often walk alone。