English Novels and Movies 英文小说和影戏

发布时间: 2020-02-21

both are hot sell novels. When we see the novels have been put into the screen,融进小说的世界,我们会拿原版和改编的版原来较量, Bellas inner voice is so strong that I imagine myself is her. While when I saw the movie。

我较量喜欢看小说,这是关于一个叫爱德华的吸血鬼和一小我私家类女孩贝拉的故事, they fall in love,贝拉的爱依旧强烈, Bellas love is still strong,好比《哈利波特》和《暮光之城》,可是身份的差异让他们很难在一起, the latter is always being critical。

I can perceive the characters emotion and be immerged in the novel world. 所以对付我来说,我看的第一部小说是《暮光之城》, such as Harry Potter and Twight,我们不得不在一个半小时内看完, I prefer to see the novels. 我们都看过了一些著名的影戏,我印象很深刻,很自然地,他们相爱了, it is about a vampire named Edward and a human girl named Bella, we have to finish the story in one and a half hour. The quick watch makes the audience hard to perceive the characters inner world,, The English novels are excellent,长故事被缩短,我喜欢看小说, I was so impressed,我可以察觉到人物的情感。

So for me,如此快速的寓目让观众难以察觉到人物的心田世界, the plot happens so fast, but for the audience,当我读到小说时, it is naturally that we will compare the original one and the adapted one, it is hard for them to understand. The long story is shorten, I like to read novels,。

这两部都是热销的小说, but the different identities makes them hard to be together. When I read the story,然而当我看到影戏时, We have seen some famous movies,www.08880.com, the first novel I saw was Twight。

因此强烈的情感被淡化了, so the strong feeling is weaker. 英语小说很悦目,情节举办得很快,贝拉心田的声音很强烈以至于我把本身当成了她,当我们看到小说被放上屏幕的时候,只是对付观众来说很难领略。