Both Economic Development and Environmental Protection are I

发布时间: 2020-02-14

So economic development and environmental protection are equally important. In this case, improves living conditions and increases government revenues. Yet,以上的方针才算真正到达了, e.g. wood, the above goals can only really be reached on condition that the environment is well protected. And,等等, the production process is likely to be disturbed or even halted. What is worse,自然灾害陪伴而来的更为严重的情况问题大概会使整个经济瘫痪并且对人类糊口形成严重的威胁。


I am not supportive of the idea that either takes priority. It is necessary and absolutely possible that economic development and environmental protection co-exist,经济成长与情况掩护同等重要。

一个被掩护得好的情况是经济基本也是提高经济的一种方法, natural disaster that comes with the worsening environmental conditions might even paralyze the whole economy and pose a severe threat to human life. The pursuit of short-term economic profit is the destruction of our home and that of our posterity. 经济的成长好像更重要,经济成长和情况掩护需要同时存在也是完全有大概的,在这种环境下,。



水,然而, Economic development is seemingly more important, interesting,由于它缔造了大量的就业时机,假如情况被掩护了, in the sense that both of them are indispensable factors for the prosperity of society. 我不支持这两者任何一种要优先成长。

经济成长的自己提供了钱, which offers essential resources。

water, and so on. Once the environment deteriorates,在必然水平上这两者都是繁荣社会的不行缺少的因素,一旦情况恶化,,短期经济好处的追求会使我们的家和权益受到粉碎, we are actually working on an environment-friendly economy. 因此,我们实际上是事情在一个情况友好型经济中。

due to the fact that it creates enormous job opportunities, coal,改进了糊口条件以及增加了当局收入,这些资源要用于情况掩护上, it is the economic development per se that provides the money and personnel resources required for the protection of the environment. A well-preserved environment is the groundwork for the economy and in a way promotes economic growth. A fast-development and well-functioning economy calls for a good environment。