My Idol 我的偶像

发布时间: 2020-02-14

who deserves everybody's respect. 我很喜欢看好莱坞影戏,他在好莱坞的成绩获得了全世界的承认,我小的时候,他的影戏可以让我开怀大笑,,我开始存眷这个伟人的故事,我得知的信息越多,众所周知, I watched a lot of Jackie Chen's movies,但愿每一个细节都是完美的,他很是的尽力, I like watching Hollywood movies so much. There are all kinds of superheroes in the screen. Jackie Chen is the Asian face in those foreign faces. His achievement in the Hollywood has been recognized by the world. Jackie Chen is many famous stars' heroe. When I was small, which made me laugh out loudly. As I grew up,跟着我的生长,但成龙以他的作品和本性征服了好莱坞,他拍摄影戏时,在浩瀚外国面目中, the more I loved him. It is known to all that Hollywood is not nice to the Asian actors, he worked very hard and wanted every detail to be perfect. Jackie Chen is my idol。



成龙是很多著名明星的英雄,成龙是亚洲面目, I started to pay attention to this great man's story. The more information I found,他值得每小我私家的尊敬,成龙是我的偶像,我看了许多成龙的影戏,就越喜欢他, but Jackie Chen conquers Hollywood by his works and his personality. When he shot movies,。