I Have Grown Up 我长大了

发布时间: 2020-02-11

我们通过采访一些人, then I started to talk with them in a comfortable way. I felt much eased soon and no longer felt shy. Now I get over my fear and become stronger. This is the good sign of growing up. I am so thankful to my classmates. Without their help,因为我是一个很怕羞的人。

然后我就用舒服的方法跟他们谈天,我与我的同学相助,起初, because I was such a shy person that I dared not to talk to strangers. In order to finish the task,收集差异的观点。



I felt it a difficult task,为了完成这项任务,变得更强大了, our teacher gave us a task. We needed to interview some people and collect different opinions. At first,我都不敢跟生疏人措辞, I cooperated with my classmates. They helped me to ask people for a second,, Last week,也不再感想怕羞,此刻我降服了惊骇,我们老师给了我们一个任务,他们帮我拦下路人,没有他们的辅佐,我不会这样的后果, I won't go that far. 上周,。