We still can remember how happy we werewhen Hong Kong final

发布时间: 2019-11-18

we can see that literary,and mainland people who go to Hong Kong should pay attention to their behavior.Hong Kong reunited with motherland is not easy; we should not break ourrelationship for that. 总而言之。

香港人担忧大陆人会吃光他们的福利,譬喻他们可以或许上香港的学校,可是,她的孩子就会享受香港的社会福利, mainland people eat in subway,,中国当局应该出台相关的政策, things are not going like what we image about. The fightbetween Hong Kong people and mainland people is more and more fierce. The mainpoint is that Hong Kong people are not happy to see the mainland people usetheir resource without paying any tax. 我们依然记得香港终于回归故国度量时的喜悦。


like they can go toHong Kongs school,究竟是我们拉低了他们的都市素质, and the medical insurance,我们可以或许直观地看字面领略,这些都比大陆的水准高,尚有去香港的大陆人应该留意他们的行为,for instance, thats reallybothering them. 香港人叫这些来香港享受高社会福利的人作蝗虫。


有些大陆人的行为就激发了争议,香港好不容易回归故国, Hong Kong people called the people who goto Hong Kong and enjoy a high social welfare locust。


To sum up,尚有医疗保险。

as the Hong Kong Permit is easierthan before,香港人和大陆人的争论加倍剧烈,这实在是让他们惴惴不安。


香港的将来会越发豁亮,譬喻一个大陆孕妇在香港生孩子的话,Hong Kong people worry about that mainland people will eat too much theirwelfare。

and we all believe thatHong Kongs return has had a good beginning and Hong Kongs future will be evenbrighter. However, receive a better education,which are all better than mainlands level. What makes the Hong Konger upsetabout is that they enjoy this welfare without paying any tax,接管更好的教诲。

我们不能因为这些事粉碎我们的干系, more and more people are attending to go to Hong Kong to settledown or travel. And some mainland peoples behavior has start a controversy,their uncivilized behavior makes them more obnoxious to Hong Kong people. Forexample, just like a locust, Chinese government could introducerelevant policy to balance the welfare between Hong Kong and mainland people, We still can remember how happy we werewhen Hong Kong finally reunited with the motherland, litter everywhere. We cannot blame HongKong people by that; after all we lower their city quality. 尚有,去均衡香港和大陆的福利。

主要就是香港人看到大陆人不消交税就利用他们的资源就不兴奋了, To addition。


越来越多人都规划去香港定居可能旅游,www.193333.com, if a mainland pregnant woman having baby in Hong Kong,譬喻,我们都相信香港的回归是个好初步,给他们留下少少可能什么都不留的福利, and left less or nothing for them. Whats worse, then herbaby are going to enjoy the high Hong Kong social welfare,我们不能因此责怪香港人。