The Amazing School Life 美好的学校生活

发布时间: 2019-09-10


我享受着这样的氛围, I am so afraid of facing the strangers,新环境让我认识更多的朋友, and being lonely is the first lesson I needed to face. Then I make new friends soon,我热爱校园生活,之后我很快就结识了新朋友,我们做小组作业,我获得很多知识也拓宽了视野, my deskmate is such a nice person that she helps me to recognize many classmates and soon I become a member of this big group. Going to the new environment lets me make more friends. We share the same interest. After class,讨论问题并找到解决方案,她帮助我认识很多同学,一开始,我们有着相同的兴趣,变得孤独是我要面对的第一节课, we do the group homework. We discuss about problems and find the solutions. I gain so much knowledge and broaden my vision. I love this school life and I am enjoying the atmosphere. 上中学对我来说是一个挑战, Going to middle school is the challenge for me. At first。