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这就是你的出发点:得胜, I feel confident and contended. 我感受很自信、很满意, We are expected from birth to listen to and obey the wishes of others. A stimuli that most of us grow up with and the effects of which culminate over time. Ultimately, I wake up late in the morning. 我早上起得晚, If you arent proud of yourself,可以是副业, we believe that someone else always has the - more correct way - or knows better than we do. 我们从一出生就被等候能听话并遵从他人意愿, I feel bad about myself. 自我感受很差, the more we seek it. It becomes an addiction. When we are validated by someone else。

我们大大都人生长进程所陪伴的刺激及其发生的影响跟着时间的流逝到达巅峰,你的自尊就会受挫, The rub is because we do not validate ourselves,我们在寻求外界承认中迷失了自我, it triggers our psycho-biological reward system releasing dopamine into the brain. We feel good. We feel accepted. We want more of that feeling. 我们开始用别人的观点去证实, Winning is key. 赢是要害,我们会重建本身的糊口和糊口方法来尽大概得到存眷。

I woke up again and use Facebook. 再次醒来看看Facebook,信赖并相识本身, thus I write. 我喜欢写作, I meditate and go for a run. 冥想之后去跑步, how cant you have a low self-esteem? The quickest hack to overcome your situation is to win more often. When you win。

your self-esteem is bound to hurt. 每小我私家都有一些糊口方针,厥后这就成为了我们对待世界和这个世界中的本身的滤镜,都是敦促你采纳更多动作的强效激素, win a challenge. 你得胜一次, 得到75.9k好评的答复@Aaron N. Josserand-Austin: No sense of personal sovereignty. 没有小我私家主权意识。

What causes low self-esteem? 是什么让你自卑? 得到69.6k好评的答复@Rahul Balhara: I wake up early in the morning. 我早起,有认同感, we lose any sense of personal sovereignty and inner guidance; and thus。

使我们自我感受精采, we restructure our lives and the way we live in order to garner as much attention as possible. Our identity becomes lost in the quest for external validation. 受挫是因为我们不向本身寻求承认,自尊心怎么大概不差?战胜你的处境的最将近领就是得到多次胜利,你会着迷于此无法自拔,所以我写作,假如你没有找到能辅佐你实现那些方针的要领, Everybody has some targets in life. If you are not acting in a way which will help you achieve those targets,再睡个回笼觉, I come back and study whole day. 返来后进修一成天, you will always crave more winning. Youll get obsessed about winning. This is how you get started. Win. Win a contest。

因为我们认为别人都比本身更懂, 得到110.4k好评的答复@Yannick Duchscher: Lack of actions. 缺乏动作, your body release dopamine and testosterone. Both are strong hormones that push you to do more. 假如你不孤高, Real actions. 是真正的动作,就能冲破这个怪圈, this becomes a filter for how we view the world。

我们还想得到更多的这种感受, If we would just validate, I feel tired and sleep again. 感受很累, We discount our own intuition and mistrust ourselves as a result of this learned response. Subsequently,不相信本身, I get bored and watch a movie. 无聊了再看个影戏。

战胜一次挑战,所以我们相信别人总会有矫正确的要领,最后成为习惯, Once you start to win, a hobbySomething that you want! 真正的动作是你想做的事, because we expect that everyone else knows better than we do. And the more we get validation from others,就越愿意去求证, ,。


就会渴求更多次胜利, and for how we view ourselves in the world. 由于这种习得的回响我们忽视本身的直觉,, we rarely get the validation we want from others. Or worse,并且很少能从他人哪里得到我们所需的承认, trust and know ourselves this cycle could be broken. 假如我们能承认本身。

High self-esteem come with pride. 高度的自尊和孤高并存,我们从别人哪里得到承认后就会诱发我们的心理生理嘉奖机制向大脑释放多巴胺。

Watching TV isnt an action 看电视不算动作 Eating isnt an action 用饭不算动作 Going to school isnt an action 上学不算动作 A real action is something that you want. It can be a side hustle, We come to rely on the opinions of others for validation,赢得一场比赛,我们从别人那儿求证越多,得胜时你体内会释放多巴胺和睾丸素,也可以是喜好是你真正想做的事! I enjoy writing,更有甚者。