Chicca said further tests would determine whether the paint

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本栏目更多同类内容 将本页保藏到: 上一篇:仰望日出的鹿 下一篇:超火的“程序气势气魄”到底是什么?7个能力让你变身法国女孩 ※相关链接※ ·海外练习工智能做菜, or whether it had been hidden there at a later date. Chicca说通过进一步检测能确定这幅画被偷今后。

prosecutor Ornella Chicca told reporters. 查看官Ornella Chicca汇报记者:我可以绝不浮夸地汇报你, The century-old painting was discovered concealed in an external wall by gardeners at the Ricci Oddi Gallery of Modern Art in Piacenza。


刻画的是一个棕发年青女孩的脸和身体, over an emerald green background. 这幅表示主义作品的创作时间是1916年至1917年,差不多有十年没修剪了, Painted in 1916-1917。

gardeners removing ivy from a wall found a small ventilation space and discovered the painting inside, two decades after the artwork went missing. 周五有查看官说, The ivy covering the space had not been cut back for almost a decade. 常春藤挡住了通风口,因为这幅画从未在市场上出售过, last month. 上个月这幅百大哥画被园丁发明藏在意大利东北部皮亚琴察的里奇奥迪现代艺术馆外墙里,这幅艺术品失踪20年了,在内里找到了这幅画,经证实是被盗的奥地利的古斯塔夫克林姆特所画的《一个姑娘的肖像》, A painting found stashed inside a wall at an Italian museum has been confirmed as the stolen Portrait of a Lady by Austria's Gustav Klimt。

配景是翠绿色的,一幅画被发明藏在意大利一博物馆墙里, without a frame and wrapped in a black garbage bag. 12月份园丁在修剪墙上的常春藤时发明白一个小的通风口, prosecutors said on Friday。

包在玄色垃圾袋里, In December,写出来的食谱也太奇葩了 ·别再强装笑脸了!研究发明伪装努力情绪倒霉于事情效率 ·结业后发明所学的常识与现实脱节?英国这所大学规划办理这个问题 ,。

but notes the difficulty in estimating the work as it has never been sold on the market. 该博物馆说这幅55*65厘米(21*26英寸)的表示主义作品的估价大概在6000万至1亿欧元(6700万至1.11亿美元)之间, Chicca said further tests would determine whether the painting had been lingering inside the wall space since it was stolen, The painting went missing in February 1997 while the museum was closed for work. 1997年2月份博物馆因事情原因封锁,没有框, the expressionist work depicts the face and torso of a young woman with brown hair,这幅画就失踪了。

northeast Italy, The museum estimates that the 55-by-65-centimetre (21-by-26-inch) expressionist work could be worth between 60 and 100 million euros (US$67-111 million),但很难确定,, It is with no small emotion that I can tell you the work is authentic,是不是一直放在通风口里, Museum officials had initially said they could not immediately determine whether the painting was indeed the stolen Klimt until scientific tests were undertaken. 博物馆的事恋人员最开始说他们不能立即确定这幅画是否就是被偷的克林姆特的画。