foreshadowing chocolate's future status as a universal expr

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传说蒙提祖马二世天子会吃大量的恒星豆来刺激性欲,立即大获乐成,1861年吉百利推出了首款心形盒装巧克力,比第一顿恋人节大餐早了数个世纪,一定会在每个街角的零售店看到各类粉色和赤色的巧克力盒, aphrodisiac[frdzik]: n. 春药;催欲剂 Stories of chocolate's effects in the bedroom persisted nonetheless, and traditions to write chocolate into Valentine's Day history. 二月份出去逛街,巧克力确实含有少量的色氨酸和苯基乙胺, the emperor Montezuma II binged huge quantities of cocoa beans to fuel his romantic affairs. Chocolate does contain small amounts of tryptophan and phenylethylamine。

The Aztecs had a less wholesome view of the ingredient. According to legend,但科学家暗示两种物质的含量都不敷以让巧克力成为春药,这两种化学物质都和性欲有关,巧克力就成了连年被贸易化的恋人节的代名词, Valentine's Day chocolates are exchanged around the world,这种心形盒子装饰了爱神丘比特的图案和玫瑰花来吸引采购恋人节礼物的顾主, so the rest of the candy industry started manufacturing similar packaging of their own. It wasn't long before chocolates became synonymous with the newly-commercialized holiday. 吉百利没有为心形巧克力盒申请专利。

keepsake[kipsek]: n. 眷念品 Cadbury didn't patent the heart-shaped chocolate box,这预示着巧克力将来将成为通用的恋爱表达方法。

此刻心形盒装巧克力已经成为恋人节的标配, 本栏目更多同类内容 将本页保藏到: 上一篇:恋人节给爱人做一顿美食?别健忘铺一块悦目标桌布 下一篇:返回列表 ※相关链接※ ·恋人节给爱人做一顿美食?别健忘铺一块悦目标桌布 ·为什么国王的老婆是王后, marketing, which might explain why candy-sellers embraced the sweet treats when Valentine's Day became popular. Cadbury debuted the first heart-shaped box of chocolates in 1861, The first people to connect love and chocolate were the Mayans. They started brewing drinks made from cocoa beans around 500 BCcenturies before the first Feast of St. Valentine. This early hot chocolate was an important part of Mayan wedding rituals. The bride and groom would exchange sips of the beverage during the ceremony,。

but the treat didn't develop its romantic reputation overnight. It took centuries of myths,可是这一美食不是一夜之间被打上浪漫标签的,这种鲜味甜食是怎么和浪漫恋人节接洽到一起的呢?这要从公元前500年的玛雅婚俗说起。

假如盒子里的巧克力吃光了, right up there with flowers and jewelry,这种早期的巧克力热饮是玛雅人婚礼典礼的一个重要部门, two chemicals associated with feelings love and desire,巧克力已经和鲜花、珠宝一样成为一种尺度的恋人节礼品, women in Japan have to give obligation chocolates to all the men they know on February 14. 世界各地都在互换恋人节巧克力,所以其他糖果厂商开始各自出产雷同的包装盒。

and it was an instant success. The package was embellished with cupids and roses to appeal to customers shopping for Valentine's Day gifts. And once the box was empty。

而女王的丈夫不是国王 ·为什么我们会拟定新年打算? ·好时巧克力2019恋人节出格款回归啦! ·影戏里的街道为什么比现实中悦目? ,巧克力对房事结果的传说故事照旧传播了下来,拜乐成的营销勾当所赐, but they're attached to interesting traditions in some countries. Thanks to a successful marketing campaign, foreshadowing chocolate's future status as a universal expression of love. 第一个将巧克力和恋爱接洽到一起的是玛雅人,,这也许可以表明为什么恋人节鼓起时糖果商会卖这种甜食,但某些国度有一些有趣的传统,日本女性必需在2月14日给所有认识的男性送义理巧克力, it could be used to store keepsakes like love letters and locks of hair. 尽量如此, but scientists say there isn't enough of either substance to make chocolate a strong aphrodisiac. 阿兹特克人对巧克力的观点就没有这么纯洁了,新娘和新郎会在婚礼上喝交杯巧克力热饮,而是颠末尾数个世纪的传说、营销和传统才被写进恋人节汗青, It's impossible to navigate virtually any kind of retail store in February without seeing displays of pink and red chocolate boxes around every corner. Chocolate has become a standard Valentine's Day gift。