Realme has taken the Indian market by storm. The two-year-o

发布时间: 2020-02-13


maintained its top spot in the nation for the tenth consecutive quarter. 中国公司Vivo高出三星,研究公司Counterpoint称,从2018年第四季度到2019年第四季度, 。

售价为100美元至150美元(印度最佳价位),000家实体店(包罗和大型零售连锁店相助),和卖家签订协议,Counterpoint的阐明人士称, Vivo's market share jumped 132% between Q4 of 2018 and Q4 of 2019,000 brick and mortar stores (including some through partnership with big retail chains). The company said in September last year that it had shipped 100 million smartphones in the country. 小米6年前进入印度市场, Vivo's annual smartphone shipment grew 76% in 2019. The Chinese firm's aggressive positioning of its budget S series of smartphones priced between $100 to $150 (the sweet spot in India) in the brick and mortar market and acceptance of e-commerce sales helped it beat Samsung,这家中国公司价值低廉的S系列手机迅速抢占实体市场, Realme has taken the Indian market by storm. The two-year-old firm has replicated Xiaomi's playbook in the country and so far focused on selling aggressively low-cost Android smartphones online. Realme囊括了印度市场,以鼓励他们推销本身品牌的手机, Chinese firm Vivo surpassed Samsung to become the second biggest smartphone vendor in India in Q4 2019. Xiaomi,, Samsung, according to research firm Counterpoint. 三星曾引领印度智妙手机市场,去年9月份该公司说在该国智妙手机出货量为1亿部, Vivo and Oppo, even as the South Korean giant continues to make major bets on the rare handset market that is still growing. 158 million smartphones shipped in India in 2019,市场占有率高出27%的小米公司持续十个季度稳居该国首位, slid to the third position in the quarter that ended in December。

which once led the smartphone market in India,这家韩国巨头一直在日益成长的罕有手机市场投入很大,以此来打压敌手, according to the research firm. 该研究公司称, on the other hand。

sold handsets exclusively through online channels to cut overhead。


which entered India six years ago,。


Vivo所占市场份额上涨了132%, Xiaomi,为节省本钱只在线上销售。

在2019年第四季度跃居印度智妙手机市场第二位,此刻也已经进入约10, said Counterpoint analysts. 2019年Vivo智妙手机年出货量增长了76%,在截至12月份的这一季度中却照旧跌至第三,2019年印度智妙手机出货量为1.58亿部, but has since established presence in about 10,同时也在线上销售, up from 145 million the year before, with command over 27% of the market, have over the years expanded to smaller cities and towns in the country and inked deals with merchants. The companies have offered merchants fat commission to incentivize them to promote their handsets over those of the rivals. 而Vivo和Oppo近些年一直向该国小都市成长。