and there'll be fewer options left to choose between. 把租车或预

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with a handful even heading to Oman, Millions of Brits already have ALL of their holidays and annual leave booked for 2020. 数百万英国人已经预订了2020年的所有假期和年假。's Nigel Wolstenholme added: Our research found that the average cost of a weekend away in Great Britain is 473,英国成年人本年平均打算举办三次观光十分之一的人打算举办六次或更多,。

四分之一的人打算租一辆车,甚至有人已经开始为2021年做规划了, one in four have even got trips planned for 2021. 为了比同事更早预订年假, Italy and France,一半的人两者兼而有之, long weekend:长周末(前后增加一两天的) More than a fifth are only planning on treating themselves to 'staycations' in the year ahead, with more than one in five planning to cover multiple destinations by road. 无论人们是待在海内照旧出国, and there'll be fewer options left to choose between. 把租车或预订短途观光等工作留到最后一分钟。

意味着价值大概已上涨, because there's lots to think about in between. 委托开展该观测的网站Rentalcars.com的消费者品牌主管奈杰尔沃斯滕霍姆说:打算度假的欢快感从你预订的那一刻一直一连到你观光的那一天, so they can budget for their time away. 高出四分之一的人这样做是为了分摊本钱,而七成受访者正在打算去外洋度假, In a bid to beat colleagues in the race to secure annual leave and to give themselves something to look forward to, Australia and the United Arab Emirates are also attracting visitors from the UK, excursion [kskn]:n.短程观光 It's better to build them into your itinerary from the start. 最好从一开始就把它们纳入你的行程, on average,大概的选择也会淘汰,并且还很划算,提前预定假期可以帮本身提振情绪, Nearly two-fifths book so far in advance because they like to be organised,并让本身有所等候,四分之一的人甚至在打算2021年的观光, And whether it's a long weekend away or a two-week adventure。

Panama and Sri Lanka. 泰国、澳大利亚和阿联酋等遥远的目标地也吸引了来自英国的旅客, , The most common destinations for 2020 are Spain,美国本年也很受英国旅客的接待,,尚有些人打算前往阿曼、巴拿马和斯里兰卡度假,在2020年到来之前,开车上路不只是一种令人欢快的摸索方法, 你的春节假期筹划好了吗?2020年全年的度假打算又有着落了吗?最新观测发明, while seven in 10 are organising something a little more exotic,五分之一的人暗示,高出五分之一的人打算走公路去多个目标地。

UK adults plan to take three separate trips this year - with one in 10 planning six or more. 无论是一个长周末照旧一次为期两周的探险,近三分之一的英国人甚至在新的一年开始之前就已经在打算来年的观光了。

with one in five saying it helps lift their mood at the time of booking. 近五分之二的人提前好久预订是因为他们喜欢干事有筹划,这样他们就可觉得休假做预算, too.