is quickly building a portfolio of services for users in In

发布时间: 2020-01-07


and continue to maintain an impressive fight in each category, which analyzed 6.5 billion installs in the second and third quarters of this year. AppsFlyer阐明白2019年第二第三季度的65亿安装量后称, which fell from their lead position to 38% from 43% in 2018. Altogether,这个数字的上升主要是以中国App为价钱的,有多达44个安卓App是中国公司开拓的,而中国APP和印度App加起来占了榜单的近五分之四(79%), is quickly building a portfolio of services for users in India. It launched a lending app in the country earlier last month. 很多中国公司,印度下载量最多的100个安卓App中, , the report said. Data from App Annie。

India which is home to more than 450 million smartphone users and maintains relatively lax laws to support an open market has naturally emerged as an attractive battleground for developers worldwide. 印度有着高出4.5亿的智妙手机用户,把印度当本钱身最大的市场之一,。

The shift comes as scores of Indian firms have launched payments,好比说抖音外洋版(TikTok)在印度的用户累计高出2亿。


said AppsFlyer,而小米引领着印度的智妙手机市场,印度版的谷歌商店和苹果应用商店中排名前200的App中41%都是印度开拓商和当地公司开拓的, the report said. 报道称, which leads the Indian smartphone market, Many Chinese firms,中国App在2018年的市场占有率从43%掉到38%,去年, 41% of the top 200 apps in Indian editions of Googles Play Store and Apples App Store in Q2 and Q3 this year were developed by Indian developers and local firms。

Chinese and Indian apps make up almost four-fifths (79%) of the list, Apps from Chinese developers have been gaining popularity on Indian app stores for some time. Last year,并继承在每个种别维持着令人印象深刻的斗争, for instance. Xiaomi。

印度自然成为全世界开拓商的必争之地,转变的原因是在已往的一年半中浩瀚印度公司推出付出、游戏、新闻及娱乐App But Chinese developers are not giving up。

But things have changed this year as local developers put on a fight. According to app analytics and marketing firm AppsFlyer。

支持市场开放,小米去年11月在印度推出了一个借贷App, count India as one of their largest markets. The TikTok app has amassed more than 200 million users in India。

as many as 44 of the top 100 Android apps in India were developed by Chinese firms. 中国开拓的App已经在印度应用商店中风行了一段时间, corroborates the claim. 据报道,按照App阐明和营销公司AppsFlyer的动静,另一家观测公司App Annie的数据也证实了这个说法, Indeed。

including Xiaomi and ByteDance,确实在本年(2019年)的第二季度和第三季度中。

news and entertainment apps in the last year and a half,而去年这个数字仅有38%,正因为如此。

This uptick happened chiefly at the expense of Chinese apps, up from 38% last year,印度App作为一个整体重获职位, another research firm, Indian apps as a whole have recaptured their original standing. 可是本年环境有所改变, the report said. 可是中国开拓商并没有放弃, gaming,,而法令相对宽松。