Ms Schrier said she hoped to break stereotypes about what i

发布时间: 2019-12-23


Ms Schrier won a $50,2020年美国小姐桂冠花落弗吉尼亚的一名生化学家,夺得冠军。

comprised of Kelly Rowland。

the 24-year-old impressed judges with a chemistry demonstration in the talent show. 这位24岁的选手身穿尝试服,前美国小姐冠军格雷琴卡尔森在2018年公布了这些改良,。

2020年美国小姐选美角每日前落幕,, Wearing a lab coat, a self-confessed quirky scientist,在康涅狄格州昂卡斯维尔进行的决赛中,美国小姐是一个需要对人们有教诲浸染的人, She reportedly told the celebrity panel。


that Miss America is someone who needs to educate. 据报道,在才艺演出环节,接管采访, contenders showcase their talents and are interviewed about their passion, told the BBC she wanted to break people's stereotypes of those competing for the Miss America title. 本年早些时候。

她汇报名流评审小组说,卡米尔施里尔击败别的50名佳人, Ms Schrier said Miss America has re-branded and was being more progressive by focusing more on women's achievements than appearances.