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Day Two 第二天 Page through the text and/or your notebook to re-acquaint yourself with the important points. 欣赏文本或你的条记原来从头熟悉文章重点,在空缺处对下划线和高光标志过的重点提些问题并写下来,www.66119.com, Weekend 周末 Using the text and notebook,每小节之后举办背诵 Recite after you've read a section: 阅读完一个小节之后举办复述: Orally ask yourself questions about what you have just read, graphs, make a Table of Contents - list all the topics and sub-topics you need to know from the chapter. 按照文本和条记本建造一个目次, Orally recite or write the answers from memory. 按照影象举办口头复述或写下你的谜底, From the Table of Contents,对这个主题我都知道些什么? Note: If it is helpful to you, Complete the form for a critical reading review. 完成批驳性阅读温习表格, what you read 口头复述, Make flash cards for those questions which give you difficulty. 对难领略的内容提些问题并建造成卡片, write out these questions for consideration.This variation is called SQW3R. 留意:假如这对你有所辅佐,Review)。

When you begin to Read: 在你开始阅读时: Look for answers to the questions you first raised 寻找你刚开始所提问题的谜底 Answer questions at the beginning or end of chapters or study guides 在章节开头或章节末端或进修指南处答复问题 Reread captions under pictures,。

标题或副标题提问 Read questions at the end of the chapters or after each subheading 阅读每个章节或每个副标题后头提出的问题 Ask yourself。

Question,对刚阅读完的内容举办提问, headings,图表等下的文字说明 Note all the underlined, hearing 三倍功能进修法:看、说、听 Quadruple strength learning: Seeing 。

As you have consolidated all the information you need for this chapter,老师部署任务的时候对这个章节或主题都讲了什么内容? Ask yourself, write questions in the margins for those points you have highlighted or underlined. 阅读整个章节并复述完之后,或用本身的话举办总结 Take notes from the text but write the information in your own words 对所读文本做条记, and subheadings 欣赏目次, hearing,试着把这些问题写下来以供思考,这就演酿成SQW3R法( Survey, charts,由英文Survey,在条记本的左边空缺处就所作条记写几个问题, Make additional flash cards if necessary. 如有须要再建造特另外卡片, What do I already know about this subject? 问本身。

欣赏一下章节: the title,Write。

headings, Read。

图表或舆图下的文字说明 review questions or teacher-made study guides 回参谋题或老师拟定的进修指南 introductory and concluding paragraphs 留意开头和末了段落 summary 举办总结 Question while you are surveying: 欣赏时的问题: Turn the title, If you took notes while reciting, bold printed words or phrases 对所有加下划线。

or summarize,即欣赏、发问、书写、阅读、复述、温习, Before you read, writing!!! 四倍功能进修法:看、说、听、写 Review: an ongoing process 温习:一连举办的阶段 Day One 第一天 After you have read and recited the entire chapter, Cover the right hand column of your text/note-book and orally ask yourself the questions in the left hand margins. 口述文本或条记本左边的问题并在右边空缺处写下你的谜底,测验的时候你就无需死记硬背啦, italicized。

What did my instructor say about this chapter or subject when it was assigned? 问本身,表格。

Read, periodically review the Sheet/Map so that at test time you will not have to cram. 当你把这一章节的所有需要用到的信息都固定了今后并按期温习这张进修表, , saying,Review的首字母构成, Survey the chapter: 在你阅读之前,别离代表欣赏、发问、阅读、复述、温习五个进修阶段, SQ3R is a reading strategy formed from its letters: Survey! Question! Read! Recite! Review! SQ3R是一种阅读要领, in your own words,Question, Days Three, etc. 重读图片, SQ3R will help you build a framework to understand your reading assignment. SQ3R将辅佐你搭建一个框架从而领略你的阅读任务。

make a study Sheet. 按照目次建造一张进修表,把你需要相识的主题和子主题摆列出来。

标题和副标题 captions under pictures。

Four and Five 第三、四、五天 Alternate between your flash cards and notes and test yourself(orally or in writing) on the questions you formulated. 按照所建造的问题卡片对本身举办测试(口头或笔写), Develop mnemonic devices for material which need to be memorized. 针对需要举办影象的材猜想些出格的影象要领, saying ,Recite, Recite the information orally and in your own words as you put the study Sheet together. 进修表整合到一起后用本身的语言举办口头复述, graphs or maps 欣赏图片, and/or subheadings into questions 就题目,将信息表达出来, write questions for the notes you have taken in the left hand margins of your notebook. 假如你在复述的进程中作了条记,并用本身的语言将信息表达出来 Underline or highlight important points you've just read 读到重点处所用下划线或高光举办标志 Reciting: 复述: The more senses you use the more likely you are to remember what you read 操作的感官越多你就越容易记着你所阅读的内容 Triple strength learning: Seeing,Recite,斜体和粗体的词或短语作条记 study graphic aids 进修图表常识 Reduce your speed for difficult passages 读到难领略的处所放慢速度 Stop and reread parts which are not clear 读到不领略的处所停下来从头阅读 Read only a section at a time and recite after each section 一次只读一个小节。