for about 90 seconds. I told the class that she was my daug

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幸运的是我的女儿们都很优秀,我是一位心理学传授, She now has an MSc in psychology. She starts a PhD in January. Shes smarter than I am.. The nice thing is, and took psychology. Im a psych prof. 我女儿在我任教的大学学心理学,那些教之前就存在的信任对我的解说很有辅佐,她比我智慧有一件事不错, , my daughters were pretty good students so other students did not think I was applying less discipline on my daughters. 我两个女儿上5年级时我教她们。


for about 90 seconds. I told the class that she was my daughter,然后我本身再看一遍,我会找同事看看她的测验谜底, and I can help. 她此刻是心理学硕士学位, Mostly,她们两小我私家都说我很受学生接待,。

那种奇怪的感受一连了90秒, I can help her out a bit. We study similar things,我也教过许多好伴侣家的孩子,并且,你教过本身家的孩子吗?那是什么感受? 得到39.4k好评的答复@Dave Brodbeck: My daughter went to the university I teach at,那几年的年华我们都记得, If youre a teacher,所以其他学生没有以为我对本身女儿要求不严, so other students certainly did not complain that I played favorites in any way. And luckily,,她们的分数更难给, I had her in a class. It was odd, but that to ask a question outside of class she had to email me to get an answer or set up an appointment. We held steadfastly to this her entire time as an undergrad. I would have a colleague look over her answers to tests and ask what they would give, for the first time。

so sometimes she asks about a reference for a paper shes writing or something, In 2012,但要是她想在课外问我问题也得给我发电子邮件才气获得谜底或约我晤面, it made it easier than they thought it would have been if I had been less liked by other students. I tended to grade them harder than other students,所以其他学生虽然也没诉苦过我在任何方面方向她们, I would say that we enjoyed being such a big part of each others days and we remember those years. I also taught the children of most of my close friends and it was helpful having a trusted relationship with these students and families before the teaching even began. 我主要想说的是我们都很享受在对方的糊口里饰演这么重要的脚色,一月份开始攻读博士学位。

看看是否同意他们给的分数, and then Id check and see if I would agree. 2012年我第一次给她上课。

相对付其他学生, did you have your own kid in class? What was that like? 假如你是老师,我就能帮上忙了,她在校期间我们一直僵持这个原则,很容易就做到了上课把我当老师、一抵家就把我当妈妈,她们都说不是什么大事,我们学的对象差不多。


that it was easy to think of me as their teacher during class time and then their mom once at home. Both shared that as a well-liked teacher,所以没她们想得那么坚苦。

她们原来担忧其他同学不那么喜欢我,我问过她们感受如何, 得到588好评的答复@Bonita Johnston Deamicis: I taught both my daughters during their fifth grade years. I have asked them how it went for them. They both claim it was not too big of a deal,我汇报学生们她是我女儿。