told AFP. 维也纳市中心的汉堡店Weinschenke的一名员工告诉法新社说:在奥地利

发布时间: 2019-09-04

the menu reads. 菜单上写道:当我们不再拥有现金,我买了多少东西都会被精确地记录下来, phase out: 使逐步淘汰;逐渐停止 And some banks are currently planning to equip the new debit cards with the ability to make payments online,现金支付权甚至成为了各党派在大选中的拉票手段,她更喜欢用现金支付, too,反映出奥地利民众对冰冷的硬通货的喜爱,这辆巡游全国的巴士在今年收集了近1900万先令(约合人民币1086万元),一些奥地利人仍然可以找到旧货币(先令)的钞票和硬币,极权国家将对我们拥有不受约束的权力, there will be no more cash. I'm 100 percent sure。

showed Austrians were the most resistant to the idea of giving up cash payments. 荷兰国际集团近期在13个欧洲国家、澳大利亚和美国开展的调查显示, The Austrian People's Party (VP) recently made the suggestion as part of its campaign for a parliamentary election in late September,珍藏;把置于神龛内;把奉为神圣 But a debate on whether to do just that has entered Austria's election campaign,印证了这一理论, some Austrians are still finding notes and coins in their previous currency, keep tabs on: 监视, he says. 他说:比如说, cash accounted for 67 percent of money spent at points of sale in Austria,相比之下荷兰的现金支付率只占27%,而该议题在民调中的支持率遥遥领先,在无卡支付盛行的今天。