Adults with 30 percent or more of their neighbourhood cover

发布时间: 2019-08-20

In our latest study,绿色植物的种类确实很重要。

成年人不太可能去那些相对朴素、缺乏多种特征和设施的绿地散步,在裸露草坪占比高的地区, Without tree canopy to shield from the midday sun, large areas of bare grass in cities can make built environments more spread-out and less dense. 此外。

成年人的心理健康状况和总体健康状况更差, This may also be partly attributable to preferences for green spaces with more complex vegetation, The same amount of tree cover was linked to 33 percent lower odds of developing fair to poor general health. 在同量树木覆盖的情况下。

we asked if more of any green space will do? Or does the type of green space matter for our mental health? 我们在最新的调查中问,总体健康状况差的可能性也低了33%。

这也没有说明草对我们的心理健康不好, We also found poorer mental and general health among adults in areas with higher percentages of bare grass nearby,是不是任何有绿色植物的空间都可以?或者是绿色植物的种类与我们的心理健康有关系? Our results suggest the type of green space does matter. 我们的结果表明,让更多城市居民步行十分钟就能到达优质的绿色、开放的公共空间, this may increase the likelihood of people using cars for short trips instead of walking through a park or along a footpath. 如果没有树荫来遮挡正午的阳光, Increasing tree canopy and green cover across Greater Sydney and increasing the proportion of homes in urban areas within 10 minutes' walk of quality green, such as parks that mix grass with tree canopy. 部分原因可能是大家偏爱有更多植物种类的绿地, , Furthermore, but there's likely more to that than meets the eye. 我们还发现, Previous research suggests adults are less likely to wander in green spaces that are relatively plain and lacking in a variety of features or amenities. 之前的研究表明。


Our research did not show a mental health benefit from more bare grassed areas. This does not mean grass is bad for mental health. 我们的研究没有显示有更多裸露草坪的地区会给心理健康带来好处。

open and public space are among the New South Wales premier's new priorities. Cities around Australia have similar goals. 新南威尔士州新的当务之急是增加大悉尼地区的植被覆盖, Adults with 30 percent or more of their neighbourhood covered in some form of tree canopy had 31 percent lower odds of developing psychological distress. 居住在有30%及以上地区被树木覆盖的街区的成年人患上心理困扰的可能性低了31%,城市大面积的裸露草坪可能会让建筑环境更加延展、不那么稠密,。