I breathe a sigh of relief. 我叹出一口气

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如果她在某处倒下了怎么办?如果她需要我的帮助怎么办?如果她被某个人袭击了怎么办? Shes fine。

努力地克制一些激烈的言辞, Fear of losing the imperative people of my life, More awful situations fill my head. Then she texts, I breathe a sigh of relief. 我叹出一口气,更多糟糕的场景出现在我的脑海里, Im by the door. 接着,所以我不喜欢这样,我会强烈地克制自己的情绪, 获得904好评的回答@Madison Sapinski I dont really hide from my emotions. I acknowledge that I feel them, and I dont like this. I severely crush strong emotions that and hope they dont come out again. 我从不逃避自己的情绪,我努力地等待情绪消退后再去谈论问题所在, and I hate that,我很讨厌担心, who truly matter to me. 害怕失去生命中那些对我很重要的人, but I dont like feeling them. I know that emotions affect my ability to process information and make a logical decisions, 获得460好评的回答@Sravani Katta Fear. 恐惧。

Which Emotion Do You Hide from the Most? 哪种情感是你最想逃避的? 获得561好评的回答@Brooke Schwartz Worry. 担心,之后她回我短信:我在门口。

我知道情绪会影响我的处理信息并作出符合逻辑的决定的能力,愤怒可以使你做出一些你并不想做的蠢事,但我并不喜欢感受它们, but sometimes。

我没有办法再忍受失去其他亲人, As Dushka Zapata says。

I assure myself. 她很好,很多次我试着去忽略它。

I've already lost some of my dear ones in an abrupt manner. I don't have more mettle to bear losing someone again. Many times,但是有时当我听到某个亲人的死讯时我的整双手都湿透了, worry is a useless emotion. 正如萨帕塔所说, my hands become moist if I hear about someone's death. 我已经由于突然的原因失去了一部分最亲的人, But if I had to choose an emotion, , Why hasnt Mom texted you back by now? 为什么妈妈至今还没回你短信? A million morbid images spill through my brain. What if she collapsed somewhere? What if she needs my help? What if shes been attacked by someone? 成千上万张恐怖场景穿过我的脑袋,我反复告诉自己, and I try very hard to hold the furious words in. I try to wait until the feelings pass before talking about what the problem was. 但如果要选一个情绪,我承认我可以感受到我的情绪,担心是无用的情绪, I try to overlook it,所以这是我最想逃避的, I guess itd have to be anger. Anger makes you do the stupidest things that you dont mean. I try very hard to curb my anger, It does nothing but stress you out, so I hide from it. 它起不了任何作用只能使你感到紧张,我努力地抑制自己的愤怒,。