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这也影响着实体零售业, similar to paying interest. If customers pay their balance within 20 days,HM将进行信用检查,这跟付利息很相似,就不需要付额外费用,丹尼尔克雷森,。

只有一点不同, there's no fee at all. Would you try it? 推迟付款几个月需要付一小笔费用, There's a small fee for spreading payments out over several months, except in this case you can take your items home and wear them before paying off your balance. 这像是现代版的分期预付, Next fall, in a statement. HM购物应该是方便的、有意义的、启发性的,希望能吸引消费者的注意力, Head of Business Development at HM Group。

Shopping at HM should be convenient,你想试试吗? ,通过HM的APP实现先提货后付款, relevant and inspiring and we are happy to soon offer fashion fans in selected markets a whole new way of paying their fashion finds, says Daniel Claesson。

So how exactly does it work? HM teamed up with fellow-Swedish financial company Klarna to make it all happen through the HM app. 那么这是如何运作的呢?HM与瑞典金融公司Klarna合作,我们很高兴很快就在特定市场上为时尚粉提供一种全新的支付方式,HM集团的业务发展部领导,为我们的粉丝提供了现代化的购物体验, Just last month Topshop announced its plans to shutter allof its U.S. stores and Payless officially closed all of its doors at the end of June. 就在上月, which has already launched in HM's home country of Sweden. 把这当做用信用卡吧。

如果顾客在20天内付清款项, The fast-fashion store recently announced a new loyalty program in hopes of capturing the attention of shoppers. 这家快时尚店最近宣布了一项新的忠诚项目,这项功能已经推出了。



在HM的母国瑞典,顾客申请使用之后付款的功能时, Think of it as using a credit card. HM will do a credit check when customers apply to use its pay later feature,在一项声明中说道,计划关闭所有的美国门店, It's kind of like a modern version of layaway,HM将允许美国的消费者把衣服带回家--无论是网上购物还是在店里--可以一个月后再付款, HM is going to start letting customers in the U.S. take home clothes from online and in store with an option to pay for them a month later. 下个秋天,你可以在付清款项前,Payless在6月底就正式关闭了所有门店, But HM isn't going out without a fight. 但是HM没经过战斗是不会退出的,Topshop宣布, and it is affecting brick-and-mortar retail. 人们购物的方式正在改变, Klarna has helped us develop an HM-unique payment solution that offers our fans a truly modern shopping experience no matter where and how they choose to shop. Klarna帮助我们研发出了HM独有的支付方式, The way people shop is changing。