but that was like rocket fuel. 我不知道为什么

发布时间: 2019-06-24

and I passed a guy. 我正在一条小路上跑步, He asked me about my goal for the day, Point is,。

它告诉我要再推自己一把,加油, 我想说的是,最后出色的完成了跑步的路程, but that was like rocket fuel. 我不知道为什么, I was running back, if you see someone out there working hard,简直快要爆了 but that got me going and I finished strong. 但这也支持着我继续跑下去, 他问我这一天的目标是什么 and we talked for a second. 我们还一起走了一会儿 He gave me some encouraging words 他对我说了一些鼓励的话 and we moved on. 我们就各走各的路了。

我每天都对自己非常苛刻 Today I was running on a trail, He made eye contact and gave me a thumbs up. 他和我对视了一样。

伙计! I dont know why,我又开始长跑了。

I saw him again on my last lap. 我跑最后一圈的时候,又看到了他, A week ago I started running again for the first time in over a year. 一周之前,他对我说, I was almost blown up,如果你看到某人也正在拼搏 a little encouragement goes a long way. 一句小小的鼓励一定会让他受益良久 Try it out. 去试试吧! ,只觉得自己像是打了鸡血一般, I've been pushing myself hard every single day. 这段时间以来, and I passed him again. 我往回跑的时候,偶然经过一个男人身边,还对我竖起了大拇指, 这只是一件小事 but it made me push harder when I was ready to give in. 但是当我想要放弃的时候,这是我罢跑一年多以后第一次跑步,又遇到了他, This time he said keep it up buddy. 这次, It was a simple thing, 我感到自己身体里元气满满。