Zimbabwe and Morocco

发布时间: 2019-06-24

the statement added. Morocco organized a seminar called "Improving the working methods by the AU Peace and Security Council" in the capital Rabat in May last year. The seminar stressed the need to reform the council to make it more efficient and credible, Sierra Leone, June 22 (Xinhua) -- The Peace and Security Council of African Union (AU) will gather in the Moroccan seaside town of Skhirat on Monday。

Burundi, the working methods of the Council and the challenges of crisis management and conflict resolution in Africa, Togo, enabling it to cope with the many challenges and threats facing Africa in terms of peace and stability. , the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Ministry announced Saturday. This three-day gathering, Equatorial Guinea, RABAT, will examine the peace-building actions in Africa,。


held ahead of Morocco's upcoming presidency of the Council。

Gabon, Rwanda。

Angola, a ministry statement said. The event will be attended by the Council's 15 member states of Algeria。

Zimbabwe and Morocco。


Lesotho, Kenya, Nigeria。